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Claudio Jr De Rosa: Saxophones, Bass Clarinet
Alessio Bruno – Double Bass
Jacopo Zanette – Drums

Zadeno Trio is an internationally multi-awarded Jazz trio born in 2014.
Formed entirely by Italian musicians, the trio, under the guidance of the young and talented Neapolitan saxophonist Claudio Jr De Rosa, has developed a deep, energetic sound through a vast repertoire of original music composed by each member of the band.

The trio performed more than 100 times across Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Romania, Poland. In February 2016 Zadeno Trio released “Holes in the Ground“, a recording which has received positive feedback both from jazz critiques and audiences.

In January 2018 Zadeno Trio recorded the 2nd CD, which will be released in April with a long European Tour.


“I not only admire, in these young musicians, the personal skills, their passion and curiosity they have and they express in Music, with great honesty and perseverance, qualities that I see less and less nowadays. Furthermore, I felt a great respect for tradition; In my opinion, that’s the best starting point to grow up more and more”

Javier Girotto, Saxophonist

I listened to Zadeno Trio’s 1st CD and I was really impressed. A real jazz cd is something you do not hear too often nowadays. I think you guys are combining elements from giants like Dexter Gordon, John Coltrane, and Sonny Rollins and nevertheless have your own sound. Great job!

Tom Beetz, Journalist

“Zadeno Trio, an extremely original band with a great creativity, lirical and instrumental skills, definitely out of the norm”

Andrea Tofanelli, Trumpetist
Andrew McCornack