FORCES (2019)

“Forces” is Claudio Jr De Rosa’s second recording and follows the success obtained by the debut album “Groovin’ Up!”. Inspired by the aforementioned quote, De Rosa undertakes a personal musical journey and draws 9 new pieces, outlining and exploring new concepts and sonorities that bring novelty in a stylistic and in a compositional way.
Besides “Living Forces”, which is the musical interpretation of the quote, there are numerous compositions inspired by personal events, (“Forever Young”, “The T. Basement”, “The Jazz Bike”) that have led De Rosa to dig into his inner world in order to convey a broad array of emotions through his musical understanding.

Other compositions, like “4 Days”, “O.M. The Old One”, “The Promise”, constitute are a true research of new sonorities, evolving from the sound and the mood created by the group in the past years. Pianist Xavi Torres, bassist Mauro Cottone, and drummer Augustas Baronas participate to this musical journey. Everyone adds his own sensitiveness to De Rosa’s musical landscapes.
If “Groovin’ Up!” was a fresh and energetic statement, in “Forces” De Rosa has a deeper, more thoughtful, always joyful approach to his musical journey, and relies on a broader spectrum of experiences, emotions, and hopes for the future.

Every journey starts from inside, and only by allowing yourself to explore your inner world, you will manage to express and share your true forces.

GROOVIN' UP! (2017)

“Groovin’ Up!” is the first recording as a soloist by the Neapolitan saxophone player and arranger Claudio Jr De Rosa (1992).
The CD is composed of 8 original tracks to which an arrangement of the famous jazz standard “I Hear a Rhapsody” has been added.

The powerful and melodic voice of both De Rosa’s tenor and soprano saxophones (winner of several international prices) is enriched by the young rhythm section composed of the Spanish pianist Xavi Torres Vicente, the Greek double bass player Kimon Karoutzos, and the Lithuanian drummer Augustas Baronas. The ensemble reaches an overall sound with deep roots in the hard/post-bop tradition.

Moreover, the Taiwanese piano player Vivienne ChuLiao takes part as guest in “Dear Brigitte”.
A number of songs included “Dear Brigitte”, are dedicated: “Diana’s Mood”, “Ja-Ma-La- Ma!”, and the ballad “Closed Eyes”. “Closed Eyes” has been dedicated to the victims of the terrible terroristic attack that took place in Paris in November 2015.

“Groovin’ Up!” is a sparkling CD that is full of energies and stems also from the friendship and synthony that has gathered the musicians who have given birth to the “Claudio Jr De Rosa Jazz 4et”.
A work that looks towards the future with passion and enthusiasm, as well as with profound and sincere respect for the Jazz tradition of yesterday and today. In brief, a CD that wants to express new colors and emotions, with the discretion of the one who comes in on the toes and with the courage of the one who gets ready to run a long path.